why-choose-hip-hop Hip Hop Dance Classes

Excellent way to exercise

Hip-hop is an excellent physical exercise, which uses different groups of muscles. Due to very rhythmic and syncopated music, hip-hop has many fast and skillful movements that develop plastics, coordination and body awareness. You will feel incomparable pleasure from being in contact with your body, ability to control it and feeling that your smart and trained body can follow your wishes in dancing.

Available technique

Hip-hop went from the street. It was not created "by dancers for dancers". Hip-hop created by people who just want to dance and create their own world through the dance. In hip-hop natural principles of the body movement are used, that's why hip-hop base is diverse and accessible for everyone. Hip-hop contains many different elements, but nobody use them all. Your dance will make the maximum impression when you select elements that are suitable for you personally. Then fulfill them naturally, easily and with pleasure, as if these are the best movements in the world, invented by you personally.

why-choose-hip-hop-2 Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Of course, there are complex movements which require special training. However, there is no particular element required or necessary to dance well. Much more important is to make your own discoveries. But if you really want to do something specific, keep practicing, and may be it will not be so difficult, as it seemed at first☺

A lot of freedom

In hip hop there is nothing constant, unchangeable, given by someone once and forever. Hip-hop is pliable style, it's changing all the time, each dancer adds to it something of his own. You'll never be bored. Therefore, every day you can dance in different ways, depending of type of music and your mood. And always choose precisely those movements and music that you personally like. You will learn how to invent new moves and how to change already known. Each dancer brings to hip-hop something new, own and unique.

The opportunity to be yourself

To become a good dancer, you don't need to start training when you are 5, be tall or short, fat or thin, young or adult, or to fit any standards which were invented by somebody else. Hip-hop like no other style can reflect your personality, image, dynamic of movements, creativity and feeling. You need not to dance like anyone else, even if you are delighted with his performance. Technique is important, but even more important to find your style and work on it. It is you and your personality makes a dance unique.


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The best thing in hip-hop – is freestyle and improvisation. No other style has such conducive improvisational skills like hip-hop, because it is inherent in the hip-hop culture. The dancer goes into a circle to improvise with the music, and creates right at this moment an unique dance that will not happen again.

To dance hip-hop it is important to learn the base and technique of the style, but no less important - freestyle. Sometimes it's hard to decide to go in a circle, but believe me, with every release dance becomes brighter, clearer, more interesting. And sometimes even take your breath away: "Am I really do this?" This is an incomparable pleasure to create something right now for yourself and for everyone who sees it.


why-choose-hip-hop-4 Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip-hop was born on the street, but now it practiced in night clubs, fitness centers, jams, professional competitions, music videos and movies around the world. It danced everywhere. This is the universal language that need not translation. Beginners and professionals, children and adults, people of different nationalities and cultures, all dancing in the general circle. The dance floor is for everyone. Hip-hop contains a lot of energy, expression, dynamics, and fun. Hip-hop is a free movement, music, communication and great opportunities for growth, as a dancer. And not only as a dancer.

To register

please call 763-506-1260 or use the following link


January 24 – March 7, Thursdays, 6:15PM - 7:15PM (6 classes), no class February, 21

Class fee: $35 adult/child pair; $20 additional participant

Address: 650 125th Ave NE Blaine Mn 55434

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