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Svitlana's Improvization

Video was not directed precisely to dance technique, but to show the possible way of using hip-hop based technique for different images, depending of character and personal story. This is a total improvisation and doesn't contain any routines
pazazz-star - Community with dance classes


Meeting with PAzAZz StAr-Choreographer,
Essence of Prodigy Dance Studio

hip-hop-battle Хип Хоп батл в Киеве

Video Нip-Hop student's battle

Organized by School of Dance "Dance Street", Kiev

Open space performance

The performance took place at the International Exhibition
"Space Odyssey 2011"


Hip-Hop battle

Students of three dance schools took part in Battle


On the verge of touch

Dancing and musical performance.
Production by Svetlana Shtilmnan


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