Looking at the Dance

looking-at-the-dance-3looking-at-the-dance-1Looking at dancing people, I feel my soul strained and then relax... It was always like this, from that same moment when I firstly got into the dance hall. Until now, every time looking at dancing people, I feel excited and learn something new from each of them.

Now I know that dancing can be a compass that guides and saves us. Dance can change you if you want to change. Through dance we can communicate, this language does not require translation. Dance makes the world brighter and happier and gives strength and energy, especially when you need it.

You only need to allow yourself TO DANCE.

When we dance, we discover the best of what we have, like our senses and our perception of the world. Ourselves.

I would like to see everyone to have a piece of his "own sky", space, time and place solely for your own -- to be who we are and who we want to be. My "own sky" is Dance.

In dance we belong only to ourselves, we can be whatever we want, to live any life, to create any mood. You can scream or whisper, meet or part with someone or just be quiet. And it also be the dance.

We live in a dynamic, fast-paced and "loud" world. We are constantly thinking, analyzing, listening something or someone, always in a hurry and always be busy.


Before you start dancing, it's important to hear yourself, feel inner impulse, the voice inside, give it to gain traction, start to flame.

Because it's like any creative entity, does not like the pressure of orders and the word "must."

Some call it inspiration.


When I look at dancing people, in my head appeared images, stories, pictures, performances, and sometimes even movies. Some of them I do like. I was fortunate enough to put some of my ideas on stage.

I hope to produce more in the future.


Every time I get flooded with streams of images, I feel like it's not enough time. And in such a moment I notice how instantaneous life is, and it is even faster than you able to notice your new wrinkles in a mirror...It's because we can't store dance for future. Dance is here and now.

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