House Dance - social, active and dynamic dance, one of the most interesting and positive dance style, which danced to a special "house" music. The name "House" came from the Chicago club «Warehouse», where the DJs started making house tracks. It was in the mid '70s and early '80s. There is an opinion that DJs «Warehouse» were one of the first who combined disco music with the work of a drum machine. In the 80s in New York the active dissemination of House music and dance began.

house dance style - Kate (Katerina Sirotenko), Dance-Street, Kiev, UkraineKate (Katerina Sirotenko), Dance-Street, Kiev, Ukraine

House Dance has a positive energy, drive and a unique style. One of the main elements of the house is «jacking», movement of the body and head, resembling a wave. «Jacking» generally performed simultaneously with other movements, for example Footwork. With the spread of the dance in it flowed from the new versions of the steps of other styles such as Jazz, African, Latin, Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, etc. In addition to «jacking», house base include «footwork», which consists of various steps, movements and rotations, and «house lofting».

house-dance classes Kate (Katerina Sirotenko), Dance-Street, Kiev, UkraineKaterina Sirotenko, Dance-Street, Kiev, Ukraine

House is characterized by active and dynamic work of the whole body, fast footwork, combined with smooth, completely relaxed body and head movements. Torso has always lagged behind the legs and seems to catch up with them in the dance.

House is «freestyle», improvisation which based on proper basics. Feeling of music and the combination of the basic house elements with an individual pattern creates special unique style of each dancer.

House Dance class includes house basic movements and basic improvisational skill (freestyle).

We do not just repeat the movement for the instructor. We learn new movements and apply them in a dance. We discover how to create own variations of moves and improvise in a group, solo and in a circle. We dance.

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